Friday, June 17, 2005

Worst plumbing EVER!

Sparing you most of the gory details involving my toilet overflowing nasty water all over my bathroom floor... suffice it to say I hate the plumbing in this building! They had turned off the hot water due to a hot water pipe burst (and yes, I was in the shower at the time!) and then apparently (or I wa told) they had to shut the water to the building off as well... and that the toilet would fix itself after the water/pressure resumed. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!! So, yeah... I ruined about 5 towels trying to keep the filth from encroaching any further than it absolutely had to. (Like to the apartment downstairs.) Discusting, indeed. The nice maintenence guy just left. He fixed it all, and wisked away the icky towels, and cleaned the floor with Orange cleaner. It smells a lot better than it did before, I assure you.

He was too nice about it, actually. He even asked my permission to use the BBW Moonlit Path anti-bacterial soap to wash his hands afterward. I would have gladly given him the whole bottle, honestly.
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Anne said...

ugh, I hate toilet problems...they happen to everybody. I think it is really sweet that the plumber guy asked if he could use your 'good' soap. I luff BBW.

Anne said...

oh, and thanks for the sling link. I would have gotten one of those over the baby bjorn if I'd known how good they are!

The Cheeky Mommy said...

That's awful. I really miss renting when things like that happen. It's so nice just to be able to call the landlord and say "Fix It!" Well I hope the rest of your day is going better!