Thursday, June 23, 2005

Reunion Day One

Hello!! I'm writing this entry from Riverton, WY. I'm actually using the new wireless card and internet and typing this on our bed at the hotel. Travis is sleeping, and Jeff went out to get us some food. Enya is plaing via the Airplay from my iPod on the clock radio in our room. How cool is this techy stuff?

Our flight yesterday was supposed to have been 2 1/2 hours total in the air. BUT, we ended up hitting a thunderstorm, and massive turbulance before our decent into Salt Lake City, and having to refuel in IDAHO... it took about 5 hours instead. Weak, huh?

Well, today was pretty cool... we just kinda hung out at the lake and go re-acquainted with the family. There was a cool windstorm, and it was a bit rainy. Tropical, and weird weather.... tomorrow we're going to Atlantic City. No, not that Atlantic City... the one in WY. Should be interesting.


I'll update later tomorrow.
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