Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Funny way to waste some time...

This is too funny! :)
I never could make it past the 2nd trimester... too many McDonald's boxes!

I'm continuing to rip my cds to my iPod... I have over 50 so far, and it's not even 3 gigs. Wow! So much power!

Went to the chiropractor this morning, but I think I already un-did any good from slinging Travis all over the mall. I didn't buy anything, but it was nice to go out and look at stuff.

I need to go to Whole Paycheck tomorrow and look for organic bug repellant for our trip to Wyoming in 2 weeks. I also need to BADLY wash my car and have it vacuumed and amor-alled, before Friday. We're driving with Jeff's Gramma to his sisters graduation in my car. It's seriously foul. Like it hasn't been washed since I was pregnant. Ick.

Tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with my friends. I'm leaving the baby with Daddy - really! For the first time since T.J. was born, I'm going somewhere without him! Well, I left him at about 4 weeks to briefly go to the craft store, and to Whole Foods the day before Thanksgiving (but he was asleep both times, so I'm not counting those.)

Wish me luck.... one of my friends had twins 2 months ago, so if she can leave her TWO babies with their daddy, I can certainly leave my one with his for a few hours. Dear God, what will I do with myself?

I hope I can manage to talk about more than baby spit-up, and diapers, and stuff....

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The Cheeky Mommy said...

Great! You're finally doing it! I hope it helps. And so what if you talk about spit up and diapers, just take baby steps. Have fun.