Thursday, January 20, 2005

It's been a week?

I am listening to Travis babbling in his crib over the baby monitor as I type this. He's only actually EVER slept in there for 10 minutes, and it was the other day. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures... and well.. you know the rest. I want him to get used to napping in there. I put him down a few minutes ago, he was asleep, but woke up as soon as I put him in the crib. I think it's the downward-falling motion associated with placing him in the crib. The mattress is at the highest setting, and the side rail is down, but it still happens.

Anyway, he's not fussing, just talking to himself... so if he gets to the point where he's upset, I will go rescue him.

He's trying to poop again, I think. He didn't poop all day yesterday... which is not unheard of for a breastfed baby. Their bodies digest the elements in breastmilk very well. So well, that sometimes there's nothing left to eliminate. Well, he's making up for it in spades today.

He pooped 3 times so far. And they were all great big diaper fillers. "Assplosions" if you will...

I made Chinese chicken salad for lunch. It was yummy! The recipe is a new one, from my new cookbook. (I bought the Semi-Hommade Cooking cookbook by Sandra Lee.) It's a great book. I highly reccommend it. I bought it on eBay, of course... and paid about $10 less than Amazon's price. :)

We bought a new bed this past weekend. A very yummy, very expensive Spring Air. It rocks! We've all been sleeping very well
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