Wednesday, November 24, 2004

My little Butterball Turkey

The babe slept well last night... so I guess the last couple of nights were flukes, or so I can hope. He's all sweet in his swing... with the hiccups, of course!

We are getting ready to go out in a while. We have a chiro appt at 11:00am. Jeff is meeting me over there. Then I am going to buy a new pair of NON-PREGNANT jeans!! :) Woohoo!!

I am only 8lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, so I've lost almost 28 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. So nice! Since we moved, I have no idea where my old clothes are... I have lots of tops still, so that's not a problem, but my jeans elude me as to where they ended up.

Tomorrow we go to jeff's Grandma's for thanksgiving. That is always lots of fun! Yesterday Travis, my mom and I went to Farmer's Market. His first one! And he snuggled in the sling and slept the whole time.He makes these little humming sounds when he sleeps all scrunched up in the sling. It's damned adorable.

Also , he's fitting into clothes better. We only had a few non-PJ outfits that fit him right, and now we have a couple more to add to the mix. So, I know he's gaining weight. Plus, this morning I saw he has the beginnings of upper leg baby rolls! I wanna eat him up with a spoon. And his belly-button stump looks about ready to fall off. I think by this weekend it will be gone. Aww. Can't wait to kiss his cute belly button!
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