Friday, February 06, 2004

Yoga, popcorn for dinner, and baby babble

Nope, false alarm, I'm not pregnant. Although I just may be crazy! But you already knew that. I peed on a stick today. Big fat negatore. Bummer. My period should show up in a matter of a few days. The hag!
Anyway, I am sore from twisting myself into pretzel shapes. (yoga) But I actually like it! I have done it twice this week, which is precisely 100% more than any other activity remotely resembling cardio I have engaged in the past several months. Go me!
Also, I have aquired about 1/2 of the new Norah Jones album... from, let's just say... only slightly legal means, in case the evil RIAA is lurking over my shoulder. It rocks most rightously.
I had a Peanut butter and honey whole wheat pita pocket and a Nestle Quick Double Chocolate milk for dinner. Also - earlier in the evening an entire bag of movie theater super-butter popcorn, and a Newcastle beer. Because I am an adult. Because I can. And for no other reason...
Hubby is doing Poker night with the boys tonight. It's a 12 person tournament, actually. It started 3 1/2 hours ago, so since he's not home yet, I hope he's winning.
I have no idea what I hope to accomplish this weekend... I think on Sunday we will jaunt up to the Cesspool, er, the City, and poke around music stores and the like. And perhaps go to our favorite Victorian Punch House in the Haight and while away a few hours over a bowl of punch. Yummy alcoholic punch, that is.
Sigh. I can't wait until I'm pregnant again.... there is only so much distraction that I can handle. My work is suffering right now, I am always on Babycenter when I should be working. I mean I do a fairly good job, but I'm only going through the motions. And sometimes I forget to do things I need to do. That's what I mean.
Anyway... I watched a buttload of TiVo earlier, and it's raining now. Not that those two things are in any way realated, but I'm feeling rather random right now.
I'm going to go drink some more while I still can. Then it's back to 9 months of Sobriety Nation for my happy ass. I cannot wait until that little stick has two lines show up again. My sanity hinges on peeing on a $10 piece of plastic... It's pathetic.
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