Thursday, September 25, 2003

Moving blows

So... the house we live in is on the market. We found out Monday. The "For sale" sign was freshly installed on the lawn a few hours ago. (in the gopher hole, hee,hee.) We were given first dibs to buy, but $512,00 is a TAD too fucking expensive, but thanks for offering.
This week has been a flurry of listings, showings, and the like. I have seen more cul-de-sacs in the last few days than in my entire life combined.
I think that we just found THE house, though. It has the added bonus of being about $300 less expensive than our current rental, and another plus is that there is a 6 person hot tub in the back yard.
So, Jeff is off to fax our app in before someone else grabs it. Sigh.
I have to go clean (a lot) now. They're taking photos tomorrow afternoon, and by God they are NOT putting a lock-box on the house prior to us moving. No. No. No.
I hate moving.
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