Thursday, June 19, 2003


Every time I get the inclination to update, I get that lame little message saying the server is too fucking busy. Rats!
So my life has consisted of little more than work, Hailey time, insurance BS, and such.
Apparantly, the powers that be over at Blue Cross think that even though my arm stuff is WORK RELATED and my medical care is completely paid for by the Peoples' Republic of California otherwise known as State Comp Fund, I am still too much of a liability to procure health insurance in the individual market. And to add me to my husband's policy at this time is impossible, I have to wait until April '04 or some shit.
So, either my friend and I start our own business for purposes of getting a "group" policy together, or I do this "High Risk" plan through the Peoples' Republic of California that is subsidized by the tobacco fund or some such BS. Or, and still another possibility my husband's company employs me, I wait 6 months and get group coverage on their plan as an employee, and not a spouse. or a combo of both.
I just wanna have a baby! That's it people! No, I don't want have to pay to pay $15-$25,000 for the delivery and stuff. No! So, I met with the really nice independent agent today at my house for 3 hours, and I'm still trying to figure it out.
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