Friday, May 16, 2003

Emotional Spring Cleaning...

In the last week, I've witnessed the miracle of watching a brand new life make its journey into this world last Thursday, I've become a whole lot less materialistic, I joined Weight Watchers on Tuesday, saw the Matrix on Wednesday night and endured a hideously painful needle EMG on both of my arms and neck on Thursday.
I guess you could say I'm doing some emotional spring cleaning....
We are re-prioritizing our lives in the prepareation for a new little one...
At this very second, my darling husband is at the car dealership, signing away his precious 2001 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab, 1/2 ton pickup truck with leather, power everything, and custom stereo in exchange for a base model 2003 Chevy Cavalier.
Wow. We are really serious about this whole family thing.
I saw Julia's sweet little girl Hailey being born last Thursday, and she is just perfect and beautiful. It was the most lovely, emotional, and indescribably awe-inspiring thing I have seen in my entire life. I know that while I am holding her (a god-mommy privlige!) the entire world stops as I watch her peacefully sleep, and sigh, as I inhale her baby scent. I want to feel this for real, for keeps, I want a baby so badly it aches.
I know that I am going to very soon be someone's mommy. And I am so excited! As soon as I lose some weight and this damn insurance gets started, we are going to months, in all probability. Wow.
We're going to LA again this Memorial Weekend. It will be a good, one last time away together just the two of us, before we become the three of us. The M©Gee 3. Yup.
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