Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vegas, baby!

We're leaving early-assed in the morning Friday to go to Vegas for 3 1/2 days! Yay! We SO need a break! Haven't gone anywhere since our family reunion in June.... Wyoming sucks ASS compared to Vegas, though!

So, I spent the morning at the laundromat doing and folding 8+ loads of laundry. With the baby in the sling for the most part. Fun stuff! Necessary evil, though... the fluff-n-fold was too expensive to even consider!

So, now I'm all addicted to Myspace , and shit... lovely. I KNEW I shouldn't have gotten all up in that "ish".... oh well. Too late now! I found some long-lost high school buddies on there though! You can find me over here :)

Anyway... gonna nap with the baby and get up later and pack for SIn City.


You all KNOW you're jealous!
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Anne said...

have a great trip! Get you some of that texas holdem money, baby!

Mrs. Belle said...

Have a wonderful trip!! I have always heard Vegas is awesome. I spent two days on Myspace before I quit for my own good! :)

(I came from

holli said...

I AM jealous. I freaking love Vegas. Have a great time. Win a gazillion dollars.